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Money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world

June 27, 2018 12:36 PM
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Since Pakatan Harapan formed the new government about 48 days ago, all we hear every day and all hours of the day is money, money, money. It appears that Pakatan Harapan’s government is only about money. RM42 billion this, RM1 trillion that, RM1 billion here, RM42 million there…everything is about money.

Press conference after press conference and press statement after press statement it concerns only money.

Actually, there is more to life than just money. Money may be important but money alone is not what life is all about. Many countries have money, plenty of money, but I would never want to live in those countries or even visit them.

Self-esteem. Pride-of-being. Patriotism. Dignity. Peace of mind. Love and respect for fellow man. Piety. Quality-of-life. Quality education. Racial tolerance. Contentment. Compassion and consideration for the less fortunate plus for animals. Freedom of thought and freedom of choice. Fond memories. These are but some of the many things that are also important.

But do we hear Pakatan Harapan talking about all this? They only talk about money. They want us to feel as long as we have money in our pockets that is all that matters. And once they recover the RM2.6 billion or RM10 billion or RM42 billion or whatever billions they say Najib Tun Razak stole, and once Najib is siting in jail, all our problems will be over and we can live happily ever after in the Utopia that used to be called Malaysia but now has been renamed Shangri-La.


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