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Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al Wuzara is the Alias for Adlin Abd Jalil

August 11, 2018 7:29 AM
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Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al Wuzara is the Alias for Adlin Abd Jalil who is insulting, harassing many people on the internet on multiple platforms.

Being infamous in Malaysia, Adlin now increasingly risks being extradited from Europe to Malaysia for her continued offensive online content.

Insults, defamation of character, illegally posting private passport info, Insulting religions, Insulting swedes, Insulting refugees, insulting Europeans & the list goes on, of offensive behaviour shown by this ID & Twitter user online. “Makcik Hajjah”

“Raja Sara Petra, daughter of Raja Petra Kamarudin RPK holds a British passport.” & has been asking & inciting viewers since Apr 14, 2018 to recirculate this illegally posted passport document.

On You Tube she insult Religion & incites hatred by posting obvious offensive videos.

Det är inte demokrati när man tvingas betalar för det man inte har! Jxxxa giriga staten som gör Sverige likna mer och mer en komuniststat! Jag spyr!!

With this channel she boasted that she made accusations against Lily Polaris to the German BAMF Immigration services to try and have Lily Polaris residence permit cancelled as Adlin Abd Jalil claimed that Lily was a Fraudulent liar in obtaining her refugee visa status.

How far is this misguided Adlin willing to go, before a Judge sentences her for her many questionable acts.

We think its time to take action against this kind of abusive behaviour & to inform the authorities when laws are broken.

Being allready infamous in Malaysia, Adlin Abd Jalil now increases the risks being either deported from Europe or to face legal & criminal penalties due to her news activities in Europe.

If you wish to report info of criminal content regarding Makcik Hajjah aka Adlin Abd Jalil, who is living in Sweden such as hate speech or other illegal or criminal content online, follow the links below.


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