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December 6, 2013 8:01 AM

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IT’S the gift-giving season, and here’s a DIY project that is bound to save you a few extra ringgit on packaging – homemade paper gift bags, inspired by a tutorial on

Big or small, make them any way you like and customise accordingly to the gift or the person you are giving the present to. Pick out vintage polka dot wrappers or recycle old ones (with the right touches, the crumpled look can work wonders).

To make the bags a tad stronger to house heavier items, try gluing on a piece of stock cards on the bottom of the bag. Complete the look with a handmade gift tag or decorate them with doilies for added kitsch. Happy gift-giving!

Skill level: Easy

Time required: 10 minutes

Stuff you’ll need: Wrapping paper, scissors, colourful masking tape, plain masking tape (wide) and cotton twine.

1 Cut wrapping paper to desired length. Lay it out in front of you with the patterned side down. Fold in half by bringing the left side to meet the right side.

2 Make a 2cm-wide fold (vertically) at the edges of the paper. Tuck the left side’s edge beneath the right side’s.

5 Bring the folded edge back down and open it up. Crease one of the sides to form a triangle.

9 Cut out two strips of 15cm-long cotton twine. Position them in a curve. Tape the bottom edges with wide masking tape, letting a bit of extra tape run out past the length of the twine.


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