Katy Perry Says There’s Mean Girls In The Music Industry, But Won’t Name Names

December 3, 2013 6:27 AM

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At least that’s what Katy Perry said in a new interview, claiming that the music industry is filled with “secret mean girls.” Unfortunately for us, she didn’t name any names.

“Miley’s really a sweet girl and she has got some big balls. She just doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But I’m friends with some of them. Some of them are not as friendly. Some of them are secret mean girls. Some of them are not cool. But I like to hang out with the unaffected genuine sweet girls in my industry.”

So, who is Katy talking about? Obviously not Miley, and we know that she’s BFFs with Rihanna, so that leaves Riri off the list, too. Britney and Beyonce don’t have personalities, so it can’t be them, and Katy revealed in the same interview that she bought ARTPOP and Sky Ferreira’s album, so that eliminates those two (Katy’s hardly gonna go out and buy the record of someone she thinks is a bitch).

We’re gonna guess Christina Aguilera since every celebrity under the sun seems to hate her and Katy once impersonated her on Saturday Night Live. Also, Nicki Minaj, who came across as the most self-centered and unlikeable pop star on the planet in her E! reality series, My Truth.

Source: popdust.com

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