Gadgets more likely to be damaged, ruined during holiday season

November 20, 2013 3:15 PM

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Gadgets more likely to be damaged, ruined during holiday season

Families are clumsier around Christmas, research shows. This holiday season, 1 in 8 households will damage a device. Smartphones are involved in 35% of accidents.

The holiday season is one of the most accident-prone times of the year when it comes to the safety of high-tech gadgets with smartphones and cameras the devices most likely to be broken.

In fact, the iPhone is the most vulnerable device when it comes to accidental damage. According to a SquareTrade survey published this week, one in eight households, representing 15 million, have damaged a device -- be it a notebook, camera, tablet or phone -- during the holiday season and smartphones are involved in 35% of all accidents.

Highlighting the popularity of Apple's handsets in its native land, almost twice as many iPhones as Samsung handsets are reported damaged during this time of year. In just over half of all accidents, the damage is down to a holiday-themed activity, whether it be traveling (22%), Christmas shopping (12%), cooking (10%) or putting up decorations (7%).

However, other gadgets are not immune: 26% of accidents involve a camera and 24% involve laptops, with the final 15% made up of tablets, desktops, TVs, camcorders and games consoles.

"It's tough to be a device during the holidays -- we were surprised to find that more than half of accidents were attributed to activities like traveling, holiday shopping, cooking and decorating," said Ty Shay, SquareTrade's CMO. "Retailers are expecting sales of over $640 billion during this year's holiday shopping season, and no doubt much of that will go towards gifting high-tech devices like smartphones, tablets and game consoles -- fragile and high-priced items that apparently need extra safeguarding during the holidays."

At first it may seem peculiar that 15 million US households manage to break a gadget during the holiday season, but perhaps this apparent seasonal clumsiness is a ploy to get someone to gift them a replacement for Christmas. That said, there's a good chance that the ploy could backfire and instead of discovering a new iPad Air or PS4 under the tree on Christmas morning, there's a reinforced carrying case instead.


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