Free Antivirus for Google Android

November 22, 2013 3:59 PM

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It may come as a surprise to some Android users that malware can and will be found on your phone if it is not properly secured.

There are several apps available to all smartphone users that will help in the proper security of your phone. The Google Play store offers a plethora of options for these and many others like them to you. In this article, Android users will be introduced to 5 of the best and most popular; and free anti-viruses for Google Android.

The Trust Go Anti-Virus and Mobile Security app is an app that was made to protect Android devices from the dangers of malware and viruses as well as the other dangers that leave your personal privacy, identity, and data open to being stolen from anyone who looks to cause you harm. This app will detect and remove all malware plagued apps and viruses that can cause irreplaceable damage to your phone and personal information.

This app has features like Find My Phone that includes remote location, locking and alarm capabilities. Another feature included in this app is called “Candid Camera” thief ID; pretty self-explanatory. After users install this app, they can lock the device and upon the next time anybody is caught entering the password three times incorrectly; it will capture a photo of them using your device with the front-facing camera capability that most if not all smartphones have and the photo will be e-mailed to you. This app also provides security to you while you are browsing the web.

With this app users are given security features for their Android smartphone as well as any Android Tablet they own. Users are protected against viruses, malwares, spywares, Trojans, and the all-important phone hacking; which is the leading cause of ID Theft.

Once installed, the NQ Mobile Security and Anti-Virus App will block all viruses and other anti-security methods that people who mean to do harm use to get access into your phone. This app will scan, detect, and remove all threats; this means it will scan all apps that you have installed and will check your phone’s status of security. Other features that are included with this free app includes a Safe Browsing feature as well as a Call & SMS Blocker feature just to list a few of the many features you will find with this app.

Next on the list is the Lookout Security and Anti-Virus App, this app comes with the features that many look for in today’s security needs that many have; such features include Security and Anti-Virus, Find My Phone, and Secure Browsing. There are some premiums in the features of this app that include a photo feature, call history backup feature, and a restore and or transfer data to another or new phone feature that many find very convenient.

There are a number of apps that are downloaded on a day to day basis by many Android users and most may have an unfounded thought that they are safe on their phones versus their computer or laptop but you would only be fooling yourself with this idea. Get yourself one of these highly recommended anti-virus apps now; after all, you just do not know who and what you can trust when it comes to the World Wide Web which it just at your fingertips with your Android phone and tablet.


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