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This girl was born with moles all over; she's now entering the Miss Universe pageant

July 1, 2017 5:41 AM
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This girl was born with moles all over; she's now entering the Miss Universe pageant

Evita Delmundo auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia, and is waiting to see if she's made it to the next round.

When you think of a beauty pageant as reputed as Miss Universe, you probably don't think that those who don't fit into the stereotype of beauty will be allowed to enter it. For the longest time, beauty pageants have been criticised for not accepting that beauty comes in all forms. All that just changed with Evita Delmundo auditioning for Miss Universe Malaysia.

Evita, hailing from Sabah in north-eastern Malaysia, has been in focus recently for entering her application for the global competition. While that might seem like a big deal for you yet, it is for this 20-year-old, who was born with large, hairy black-and-brown moles all over her body.

Add to that a birth mark across her neck and shoulders, and you have a woman who was bullied throughout her childhood. According to the Daily Mail, her classmates in school called her 'monster' and 'chocolate chip cookie', which left her heartbroken and shy.

"In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me. I remember a teacher having to ask two girls to accompany me during recess, and they were whispering 'why do we have to treat her like a princess?" she shared during an interview.

Evita's secondary school experience was slightly better--her mother taught there, and her classmates gradually accepted her. And while she has always proved how brave she is by not getting rid of the moles through surgery, her bold step of auditioning for Miss Universe Malaysia has actually sent a message of hope across the world. Battling body-image issues is difficult enough, but to do it through a platform like a beauty pageant is even more praise-worthy.

"I learnt to accept my birthmarks and love myself. I slowly gained confidence to show off my uniqueness," she revealed. Evita auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia on 17 June, and is expecting her results to see if she's made it to the next round.

Even if she doesn't, Evita has assured her 42K followers on Instagram, and supporters across the globe, she won't let her courage fail. She will continue auditioning for different beauty pageants. If that doesn't give you hope that the world will be more accepting of beauty in all its forms, then nothing will.


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